Watch- Information Warfare in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Moderated by Mary-Rose Papandrea, last week’s panel discussion analyzed the information war underway in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, addressing it from legal, media, and military perspectives and exploring how citizens and governments, including those of the US and China, have responded.

Across the conversation, panelists Tim De Chant, Jocelyn Ford, Harold Koh, and Daniel Johnson ’22 explored the role of information in military action, the asymmetrical responses of social media platforms to disinformation and state actors, and the growing role of open-source intelligence and citizen journalists in the infosphere.

Watch the discussion in full on the PPD YouTube channel.

We encourage those who wish to continue this conversation to join us next week, April 5th at 5:30 p.m., for Journalism and Democracy,” our hybrid Abbey Speaker Series event examining journalistic objectivity, the decline of local news and the nationalization of media in the US, and journalism’s role in promoting and maintaining democratic values.